Dylan Delaporte

Dylan Delaporte Computer science engineer


Sensing Teamwork During Multi-objective Optimization
- Conference paper for the IEEE World Forum on IoT in April 2020


Simple safe2021

A unique file storage and synchronisation service with end-to-end encryption. The service also offers photo indexing to let users the possibility to search by keywords and see photos in a timeline. Oath authentication and replications options have also been added to the project. It is also possible synchronize files with a local directory.

  • Cli tool developed in Go, desktop/module application developed using Flutter framework.
  • Files are indexed using an SQLite database and stored on S3 type storage. All files are saved in small encrypted chunks remotely.
  • Data is processed on the client side.
  • Remote services handle authentication, replication and storage.
  • Go
  • End-to-End encryption
  • S3 storage
  • SQLite database
  • Oauth
  • NodeJS
  • Docker
  • Traefik
  • Dart

Card game2020

A web application for playing multiplayer card games. It was developed while staying at home during the coronavirus lockdown. The application displays a board of cards and the cards associated with the game that the user has selected. New card sprites and configurations can be added to the existing configuration data.

  • Users creates sessions. They can be shared using a token.
  • A socket io server forwards events to all users in the sessions.
  • The card board is circular that so it can easily rotate and can adapt to various number of users. It also make it easier for responsive design.
  • The application features options to manipulate cards such as show/hide, random sort, pile, distribute
  • NodeJS
  • KonvaJS
  • SocketIO
  • Multiplayer game

Wonderful connection2020

We are using a lot of equipments that are not ready yet to be connected to internet. The project was made to add connectivity to objects with one "card". Due to microchip shortage, I was not able to continue the project.

  • The "card" has an antenna to communicate in Zigbee with a main Zigbee router, connected to the house router.
  • It can be programmed from a phone to run an action given a specific input.
  • Each "card" has inputs/outputs were can be connected sensors (infrared led, relay, button, ...).
  • Example: I replaced the remote of my air conditioner with a "card", not I can emit the same signal with the infrared led connected connected to the "card" and I can switch it on either on my phone or if the detected temperature reaches a specific threshold.
  • PCB
  • Embedded system
  • Zigbee
  • Flutter application

Connected bracelet Hackathon / 2019

IoT bracelet with capacitive sensor. When touch it sends an haptic message to a distant person.

  • Electronic components selection, PCB design + PCB soldering
  • Microcontroller programming, bluetooth protocol implementation
  • Service-side application design and development
  • Android/IOS app development using Flutter framework
  • PCB
  • Microcontroller
  • Hardware
  • Android
  • Bluetooth
  • Flutter

Packet simulator School project / 2017

Network simulation software inspired from Cisco Packet Tracker.

  • This project has a pedagogical interest in order to show understanding of network layers and hardware
  • Design of the software to be generic for implementation of layers characteristics and specific protocols
  • IPv4 network OSI layers and protocols (TCP, ICMP, HTTP, ...) implementation
  • Basic active network hardware: switch, hub, router and part of wifi AP
  • JavaFX canvas
  • Active networking hardware simulation
  • Java
  • JavaFX
  • Application layer protocols implementation
  • OSI Layers

Quadcopter 2016

Four propeller drone from scratch using an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi.

  • The main objective was to create a photo footage drone to shot part of a mini web tv-show
  • An Arduino is used to control ESC (motor control) and stabilize the drone using accelerometer and stabilization algorithms
  • A small PCB was designed for the sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor, led
  • The drone also has a Raspberry Pi and controls the communication with the remote controller by Wifi, it also give speed orders for each motor to the Arduino
  • The remote controller is a HTML5 application that used socket io with Raspberry Pi in this way every device connected to the drone by wifi can control the drone
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope data analysis
  • ESC
  • Python
  • C
  • NodeJS
  • SocketIO

Video editor JS 2015

Web video editor.

  • Development of an interface for track edition using HTML5 canvas
  • Video/audio render design using FFMPEG library
  • Creation a project file format to save project data
  • Reading of media file metadata using a Javascript version of FFMPEG library
Source code (Github)
  • HTML5
  • Canvas
  • Bash

CLangue DGI Project / 2014

This platform is an easy way for students to train for new languages. Teachers can ask for homework such as audio expression, video creation, writing expression or QCM exercise.

  • Specification meeting with school teachers
  • Setting up server a infrastructure and estimation of the annual infrastructure cost for the school
  • Design and development of a web application (student interface and teachers interface)
  • C++ application for school computers (at the time HTML5 technologies were supported by only latest web browser releases)
  • Back-end api design
  • Database management
  • Bash scripting for audio and video processing
  • Tutorials and technical support
  • Release for 900 students and 10 teachers
Welcome page
  • HTML5
  • PHP5
  • C++
  • Bash
  • MySQL database
  • Wide-scale deployment

Dergen DGI Project / 2013

Biology web application to learn genetic drift.

  • HTML5 development in collaboration with a biology teacher to show genetic derivation process
  • Canvas tool
  • Raphael JS library
Source code (Github)
  • HTML5
  • Canvas